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FREE Admission to Los Angeles County Arboretum and Botanic Garden tomorrow, Tuesday

Mark your calendar for FREE Admission to LACO Arboretum and Botanic Garden tomorrow, Tuesday. Enjoy a day among beautiful flowers and plants as well as peacocks, birds, reptiles. Don’t forget to check out the waterfall and the Baldwin Lake outside of the historic Queen Anne’s Cottage. (Entrance is free every third Tuesday of the Month).


Happy 90th Birthday Hollywood Sign!

Best Locations for Hollywood Sign Photo-Ops 

You’ve lived in L.A. for how long now and how many really good photos do you have of the Hollywood sign? After almost losing its pristine perch on Cahuenga Peak a couple of years ago until the Trust for Public Land saved the view from potential developers, it’s safe to say that this ever-present symbol presiding on its hillside throne is even more ready for its close up.  Especially with a 90th Birthday celebration this year!

So whether you and your kids plan to keep photos in an album for posterity or throw on Santa hats for a Christmas-card worthy shot that says to your out-of-town friends, “Yes, we live here and you don’t,” here are a few of L.A. Kid Stuff’s favorite spots for your kids’ very own VIP vogueing session with this L.A. icon.

Magic and Whimsy at Historic Monster Park – Experience the Charm of a Benjamin Dominguez Playground

There’s a magical place tucked in a corner of Vincent Lugo Park in the City of San Gabriel where sea creatures have lived and entertained the imaginations of children for the past 45 years. Cast out of concrete by Mexican-American master concrete artist Benjamin Dominguez, Laguna de San Gabriel Nautical Playground is a whimsical lagoon with a sea dragon, pink whale, octopus and other creatures that, in today’s ubiquitous standard playground swings and slides, are amazing to behold. Just as amazing are the efforts of non-profit Friends of La Laguna, the group that successfully lobbied against the demolition of the park in 2006 and won a place for Dominguez’ work on the California State Registry of Historic Places and as a City of San Gabriel local landmark. (READ MORE)

create studio 4How Creative Can You and Your Kids Get? These environmentally-conscious studios will show you how.

We bet you didn’t know you have a magician living in your house. The latest trick we’ve seen from ours is making binoculars appear out of two toilet paper tubes, tape and string. But we’ve also witnessed her conjure an abstract building from misshaped wood blocks and cardboard, something we’re secretly hoping is the foreshadowing of her modernist architect future.  (LEARN MORE)


tree natureBaby Steps to a Greener Life

Now more than ever is the call to environmentalism and conservation more crucial. From the world’s steady climate increase to the suffering Polar bear population, signs of global warming are too prevalent to ignore. Cause for even greater attention is the fact that the way we live our lives can contribute to, or help alleviate, the global warming phenomenon.  Here are some of our ideas to be more green.


kid splashThe California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights

Today’s kids spend less time playing outdoors than any previous generation. As author Richard Louv identifies in his best selling book Last Child in the Woods, this “nature-deficit disorder” is a real phenomenon that we must try to avoid.  To help us in our New Year’s resolution, we are adopting the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights: A list of 10 things each child should have an opportunity to do before the age of 14 that encourages children to participate in outdoor recreational activities and discover their heritage. How many of the things on this list have your children experienced? Check out the LIST and our suggestions on how to live up to the California Children’s Outdoor Bill of Rights HERE.

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indoor playgroundIndoor Activity and Play Areas with Wi-Fi for Parents

Whether your kids are going stir-crazy at home because of the rains or it’s too hot outside for a romp at the park, these indoor playgrounds and play areas may just be the remedy for the entire family!  Sometimes anyplace but home seems like the answer.  We checked that all of these locations also have wireless internet service, for parents who need to do double duty and work while the kids are occupied. (MORE)


barbieMattel Imagination Center wants to know what kids think

If your little one is already opinionated about everything, channel that energy into reviewing something they are most naturally suited for: toys! The Mattel Toy Testers program will give your kids the first opportunity to play with and test toys new to or not even on the market yet. It will hardly seem like “work” when your kids (ages 5 and older) share their very important comments, reviews and opinions...(MORE)


pony-rideKid-friendly farmers markets in Los Angeles helps families go green while entertaining the kids

Not only do Famers’ Markets offer locally grown produce which is good for the environment and our local farmers, but the prices on organic goods are often cheaper than what you’ll find at your local Whole Foods or specialty brick and mortar. Add to that the abundance of children’s activities at many of these Farmers markets and it’s a win-win...(MORE)


baby cryParent and me movie matinees around town cater to and welcome babies

Movie theaters, libraries and churches are probably the few places remaining that can legitimately shush a child from disrupting the masses. Luckily, there are places that not only welcome, but cater to parents with loud, crying babies. So if you want to catch a flick but are discouraged because of your baby’s cries, don’t be at the following theatres…(MORE)


owl-smallNature centers in and around Los Angeles show kids where the real wild things are — for free!

Head outside and help your kids discover the real wild things in and around L.A. at some area nature centers and wildlife sanctuaries. The L.A. Zoo is always an obvious choice for wild finds but these days admission alone can cost $50 for the family. Nature Centers on the other hand are not zoos, rather wild animal sanctuaries that care for hurt fauna...(MORE)


trainChasing choo-choos: train rides and train-related activities for kids in Los Angeles

As serious as your attraction to trains is, you have to think it’s more than just a product of genius marketing by a company who created the allure of a bright-eyed, gentle smiled, albeit totally reticent Choo-Choo named Thomas and his many friends. For your kid that’s crazy for choo-choos, here’s a list of train rides and activities around town. (MORE)

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